Audified 1A Equalizer


Our TakeWe never wanted to play by the rules, so we gave the old Pultec ® some twist. Combining vintage schematics with modern technological know-how, we crafted the perfect Audified 1A Equalizer – where innovation meets tradition.Mid side ProcessingSeize control over your soundstage with the Mid/Side (M/S) processing feature. M/S processing separates your audio into Mid and Side components, giving you the power to sculpt the center of your mix and the edges of the stereo signal separately. Forge your ultimate mix or master, and enhance your overall color with linkable parameters and switchable L/R and M/S modes.1A Equalizer in actionDrumsPunchy drums are something everyone strives for. Add a bit of low-end boost to your kick and snare; your drums will sound much tighter and in-your-face.GuitarMake your guitars more defined and cut-through. Add or remove the guitar’s low end as needed, or add a bit of chime and clarity on the top end.BassEnhance the bass’ groove by adding punch, weight, and definition. Boosting the lows and cutting the harsh highs will make your bass stand out.BoostThe old boost-and-attenuate trick is the most famous use of the unit. You will achieve perceived loudness and fullness by boosting a frequency and attenuating it slightly less than you boosted it.Piece of historyWhen Eugene Richard Shenk created the unit in the 1950s, the original unique design changed the game. The original unit was used on countless hits from the 50s to today and will remain a staple in the music industry. We captured the essence and added our technical expertise and audio engineering experience on top. Our technology and love for tube-based devices come across in our plugins and studio work and keep being an endless inspiration for creating tools for musicians worldwide. So don’t think about 1A EQ as an “exact replica” (as if there is such a thing) – think about it as an homage and evolution.



System Requirements For Audified 1A Equalizer