Audified Boutique Studio Bundle (U73b, U78, RZ062, 1A EQ)


BOUTIQUE STUDIO BUNDLE Timeless tools for timeless music. This is a bundle of U78, U73B & RZ062.?Rewrite the chartsAwaken new trends with golden-era gear. Build a legacy soundForge your own vision withU73b Compressor$69Base your unique style on units that shaped pop and rock history. Spill the mojo all over your art with true-to-life models of legendary vintage gear.RZ062 EqualizerShape your sound with a plug-in simulation of classic analog compression, EQ, and saturation circuits. Let your music benefit from their unmistakable color.U78 SaturatorMake your tracks sound fuller and bigger while keeping them yours. Mix in a bunch of valve-like grit and still retain the dynamics of the original performance.1A EqualizerAudified’s evolutionary take on the classic Pultec 1A Equalizer



System Requirements For Audified Boutique Studio Bundle (U73b, U78, RZ062, 1A EQ)