THE CREATIVE POWER OF RAIN, IN YOUR HANDSSave yourself a torrent of time by embracing the simple, interactive sound design workflow of RAIN.Seamlessly blend your synthesized rain to the desired context in real time with automation to picture. Experiment with extremely versatile intensity and density rainfall parameters, ranging from the occasional single droplet to torrential rainforest downpours, vibrant wetland trickles and everything in between.



System requirements for BOOM LIBRARY Boom Rain

Windows Windows 10 (64-bit), 8 GB Ram, Intel® Core™ i5 (relatively recent)
Mac macOS 10.13, 8 GB RAM, Apple Silicon or Intel® Core™ i5 (relatively recent)


Please note: RAIN requires an audio host software. It does not work as a standalone application.
RAIN works with the most common audio host software apps that support VST 3, AU or AAX plug ins:

Logic Pro Pro Tools (11+) Cubase
Nuendo Ableton Live Reaper