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Product details :

Drum Chart Builder is a web-based software program for creating, managing, and viewing drum charts and setlists. The unique format is based on Easy Drum Charts by pro drummer, educator and author Liz Ficalora.

What is an Easy Drum Chart?

It is accurate and simple drum music that focuses on the form of the song rather than bar after bar of music notation.

This allows drummers to know exactly where they are in the song, play the time patterns and fills in the right places, and maintain focus on the groove of the song.

What are the benefits to using Easy Drum Charts?

Each chart is written on one page, so no page turning is required. And since the song form, bar counts, and drum instructions are clearly written, drummers can focus on playing the song, rather than reading cumbersome traditional music notation. The patterns are notated on 3 lines, allowing for quick reading — even for drummers with limited music reading ability.

Drum Chart Builder works in any web browser that supports HTML5. Older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, or the Android browser prior to version 4 may not work correctly.

Key Features :

  • Chart and Setlist Manager
  • Drop-Menus to Build Charts Fast
  • Add Notation, Rests, and Symbols
  • Simple, yet Powerful MP3 Player
  • Pattern Library and Editor
  • Setlist Maker and Viewer
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System Requirements :

PC Windows / MacOs

Subscription :