FabFilter Pro-R 2


Pro-R 2 brings a raft of new next-gen features to what was already a widely respected reverb plug-in,
including comprehensive multichannel compatibility, two brand-new reverb algorithms, IR import and
replication, ducking and gating functions, analog-style saturation, and much more. It is a huge
technological and functional leap forward for the plug-in, and one made without any compromise to
the slick workflow and stellar sound quality that Pro-R users already know and love.
Full immersive audio support
Place reverbs in three-dimensional space with support for immersive channel layouts up to 9.1.6 Dolby
Atmos. Pro-R 2 configures itself for multichannel formats automatically whenever it is added to a
surround channel, and individual Decay Rate and Post EQ bands can be applied to any combination of
channels using the new Speakers panel. Meanwhile, the new Surround Settings panel provides
straightforward controls for balancing the relative levels of every reverb parameter — Predelay,
Character, Decay Rate, etc — between the front and back of the immersive space. A massive amount
of work has gone into the implementation of surround cross feeding, delivering an exceptionally
convincing sense of space; and with its intuitive approach and liberating flexibility, ProR 2 yields
spectacular results without letting complicated channel routing get in the way of creativity.
All-new Vintage and Plate reverb Styles
Expanding on the clean, natural sound of Pro-R, Pro-R 2 introduces two new reverb algorithms that
bring a diversity of retro flavors to mixes. ‘Vintage’ is inspired by classic digital reverb units of the ’80s
and ’90s, and is the go-to for long, bright hyper-real spatial ambiences, while ‘Plate’ serves up the
evocative metallic sound of plate reverb — ideal for drums and vocals. Together, the two new styles
broaden Pro-R 2’s spatializing remit out from the realistic physical environments for which its
predecessor was known into more overtly synthetic textural territory.
Impulse response (IR) import
As if tripling the number of reverb styles on offer was not enough, Pro-R 2 also adds the ability to
import impulse responses and have them automatically recreated as algorithmic setups — including
Decay Rate and Post EQ shaping — that closely match their sonic characteristics. Whether wanting to
binge on the vast array of free impulse responses available online, or capture and emulate favorite
vocal booth, drum room, or hardware reverb in Pro-R 2, IR import opens up a whole new world of
Extended reverb parameters and controls
Pro-R 2 provides even more tools with which to design dream reverbs. Set the wet signal level to drop
whenever the dry signal is present with the Ducking control; dial in density and saturation with the
Thickness knob; get your Phil Collins on with the tempo-syncable Auto Gate; and capture and hold the
tail indefinitely with a click of the Freeze button. No matter what anyone’s reverberation goal might be,
Pro-R 2 has everything needed to realize it.
Full-featured preset browser
A great improvement on the simple hierarchical menu of Pro-R, Pro-R 2’s streamlined new preset
browser makes it easier than ever to navigate and manage the factory library and user presets. Assign
editable tags for filtered searching, set presets as favorites for one-click filtering, and add author
names and text descriptions. And if the original Pro-R is installed then all its presets appear in Pro-R 2’s
library as well.

Key features:

– Versatile, user-friendly, and sonically superlative professional reverb with three core algorithms
for simulating realistic physical spaces, retro digital hardware, and electromechanical plates
– Unified room model and decay time (Space) knob, facilitating smooth transitions between
reverb sizes and styles, from tiny boxes to vast arenas and everything in between
– Innovative Decay Rate EQ for incredibly precise shaping of tail frequencies over time, and six-
band Post EQ for output equalization
– NEW! Full immersive audio support up to 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos, with per-band Decay Rate and
Post EQ channel routing, and a dedicated panel for balancing individual reverb parameter
levels between the front and back of the image
– NEW! ‘Vintage’ reverb algorithm, replicating the sound and character of early digital reverbs
– NEW! ‘Plate’ reverb algorithm, replicating the sound and character of vintage plate reverbs
– NEW! IR import function (WAV and AIFF): algorithmically recreate and manipulate the sounds of
favorite impulse responses within Pro-R 2
– NEW! Ducking control for effortless separation of dry and wet signals
– NEW! Thickness control for dialing in program-dependent density and saturation
– NEW! Intelligent Auto Gate
– NEW! Freeze button for endless playback of the captured reverb buffer at the point of
– NEW! Full-featured preset browser, with tags, favorites, search and filter functions, and new
factory preset library
– NEW! Optional piano scale in the interactive reverb display for ‘musical’ EQ frequency
referencing and snapping
– NEW! Output level meters
– IMPROVED! Increased Decay Rate range (25-400%)
– IMPROVED! Mid/Side option added to Post EQ
– IMPROVED! Speakers settings added to Decay Rate and Post EQ for channel selection in
immersive channel layouts
– IMPROVED! Predelay knob moved to top section
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System Requirements of FabFilter Pro-R 2

Operating System: mac 10.13 or higher
Processor: Apple Silicon or Intel processor
Supported Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX
Operating System: windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or Vista
Supported Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX