Introducing Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS, the ultimate virtual instrument for any musician looking to add a touch of Latin authenticity to their productions. Our drums and percussion offer a ton of presence, with a warm and natural sound that is ultra-realistic and easy to use.


With clear and articulate percussion, you can hear every finger touch on the congas and bongos with a perfectly balanced and natural full-frequency spectrum. Our bells, timbales, and other percussion instruments offer a completely natural and uncolored sound, with a maximum signal-to-noise ratio.


The best part? You won’t need any additional processing to blend these instruments right into your mix. We used great expensive mics, placed in the right place in the right room, and played by the right person, to create a sound that is as natural and unprocessed as possible.


But don’t just take our word for it – hear the results for yourself! Our drums are full-bodied and warm, with a rounded and well-defined tone that is perfect for a wide range of styles that require the use of acoustic and pure-sounding studio drums.


And with elements that work well in pop, dance, funk, and other styles that require additional percussion, our instrument is perfect for any musician looking to add some authenticity to their productions. So why wait? Try Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS today and experience the ultimate in ultra-realistic virtual drumming!


This product is included in the Producer Collection plugin bundle.


Spend more time making music instead of trying to find a decent drum or percussion sound. Accomplishing great drum sound requires significant effort, even when you are highly skilled for the task and have the best quality drum recording to start with.

We spent hours upon hours painstakingly editing and carefully mixing drums from multitrack recordings, so you don’t have to.

Taking a perfect blend of close, overhead, and room-miked drums, then expertly sculpting them for a robust, punchy, natural-sounding drum and percussion set, are bound to fit right into your mix!

Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters


Load the drum & percussion plugin, drop in your favorite midi drum or percussion beat, and voilà!- you are ready to groove! We did the heavy lifting for you—a completed drum and percussion sound right out of the box. You are free to focus on the musical aspects of the drum & percussion tracks.

You can then make tweaks using the intuitive interface.

Laptop computer screen in the background with Handy Drums plugin on display, with a steaming cup of coffee in the foreground Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters


Drum sounds behind the hit drum machine are here for your DAW!

Goran Rista, the producer of Handy Drums, used similar recording and production techniques he did for BeatBuddy’s original drumsets, an award-winning, best-selling drum machine.

The revered drum sounds that have made the BeatBuddy such a hit with live performers are now available in their expanded versions for your recording needs.

award icon with blurry beat buddy pedal in the background Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters


We believe that top quality should not be limited only to those with deep pockets. We priced the Handy Drums range to be affordable to anyone. These virtual drum & percussion instruments are the best value you’ll find anywhere.


One of the best features of our sampled instruments, including the Handy Drums LATIN PERCUSSION, is that you don’t need any additional samplers to load them. They are self-contained and come with multiple powerful samplers built-in. Use them like any standard VSTi/AU plugin or a stand-alone app.

Be up and running in mere minutes.

Kontakt sampler crossed out not used Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters
EXS24 sampler crossed out not used Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters
HALion sampler crossed out not used Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters
MACHFIVE Sampler crossed out Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters


Use them as they are or as a starting point for your own beats.

Pair Handy Drums VST’s with one of our Handy Grooves, MIDI drum loop packages, for an instant WOW. All of our midi drum & percussion loops have been produced by world-class drummer-producers and tailored to work specifically with Handy Drums plugins.


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Handy Drums do not require a complicated manual to use. An elaborate design of over 50 samplers and smart algorithms power your seamless experience behind the simple user interface.

Access all of the essential functions intuitively.


Each drum, percussion instrument, and cymbal was sampled at multiple dynamic levels to ensure the instrument’s fullest dynamic range when played back. Handy Drums Latin Percussion contains up to 13 dynamic levels per instrument.


Up to 20 samples per dynamic level

When a human strikes a drum, each subsequential stroke is ever so slightly different from the one preceding, no matter how consistently they are played. That’s why a human ear can instantly tell the difference between a roll played by a real person and a single sample being looped.

Each drum, percussion instrument and cymbal has been sampled numerous times at every dynamic level. During playback, no sample is repeated sequentially, but a different sample is triggered.


All Handy Drums samples come in 24bit wav file format for the ultimate resolution and sound quality.

icon showing 24 bit audio recording graph Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters


To achieve larger-than-life yet authentic natural-sounding drums and percussion, every step of the sampling process is critical. Starting with the instrument tuning, every component was carefully treated before even a single note was played.

They are recorded using the highest-quality microphones, preamps, and A/D converters to preserve every minor detail.

Earthworks microphone recording overhead O/H drums Handy Drums- LATIN PERCUSSION & DRUMS pluginsmasters


Sound so natural; you can almost touch them.

Handy Drums sound like an actual real instrument being played right in front of you in a room instead of a bunch of individual components sounding in their own isolated spaces.

We achieved realism by recording the full breadth of acoustic drums and percussion and their natural ambiance, then meticulously edited and mixed them in the post-production.


system requirement

Type: Virtual Instruments

Size: 678MB


Goran Rista


Format: VST/AU/AAX/Standalone



 (Win 7+)   (MacOS 10.11+, dual binary)