Handy Drums- MALLETS


Handy Drums- MALLETS

Add a unique character to your tracks with Handy Drums MALLETS, a virtual drum instrument. With its softened and reduced high-frequency content, this instrument delivers a distinct sound that is both clear and well-tuned.

Reminiscent of classical timpani, the toms are perfect for adding a dramatic quality to a track or imbuing it with a dark and menacing character. But that’s not all – these versatile drums can also sound just as great in an upbeat and happy-sounding track, providing a jovial melodic beat.

If you’re a producer or arranger, Handy Drums MALLETS is an excellent addition to your toolkit. Whether you’re working on a theatre production, a musical, or a film score, these drums will give your music a different dimension. And with the addition of mallets on cymbals, you’ll have the perfect tool for creating swells and building dramatic tension in ballads, gospel tracks, or any other genre.

With its broad range of uses and styles, Handy Drums MALLETS is the “ace in the pocket” that every serious producer and arranger needs. So why delay? Try it out for yourself and experience the power of this amazing virtual drum instrument!

This product is included in the Producer Collection plugin bundle.


Give yourself more time to focus on the creative aspects of your song by having an awesome drum sound right out of the box.

Even the most highly skilled and experienced engineers will spend a lot of time achieving a great drum sound even when you have the best drum recording, to begin with.

We invested many hours skilfully editing and carefully mixing Handy Drum Mallets from multitrack recordings, so you don’t have to.

With just the right blend of close mics, overheads, and room mics, expertly sculpted for a robust, punchy, natural-sounding drum set, it will sit right into your mix!

Handy Drums- MALLETS pluginsmasters


Load the Handy Drums Mallets drum plugin, drop in your favorite midi drum beat, and that is all!- you are ready to groove! We did the time consuming work for you—an awesome drum sound right out of the box. You are free to focus on the musical aspects of the drum track.

The intuitive interface makes tweaks super simple and easy.

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Drum sounds behind the famous drum machine are here for your DAW!

Goran Rista, the producer of Handy Drums, used the same recording and production techniques he did for BeatBuddy’s original drumsets, an award-winning, best-selling drum machine.

The revered drum sounds that have made the BeatBuddy such a hit with live performers are now available in their expanded versions for your production needs.

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Nothing should stand in the way of you and your creativity. Especially not being able to afford the best quality plugins.

That’s why we made sure to price Handy Drums range to be affordable to everyone. These virtual drum instruments are the best value you’ll find anywhere.


If you ever dealt with sound packs and 3rd party samplers you’ll know how tricky it can get with compatibility especially when either manufacturer makes updates.

We understand the importance of simplicity which is why the Handy Drums range doesn’t need any additional samplers to load!

They are self-contained and come with multiple powerful samplers built-in. Load them like any regular VST/AU plugin or a stand-alone app.

You’ll be producing music in minutes.

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Use them as they are or as a starting point for your own grooves.

Did you know that you can pair Handy Drums with one of our Handy Grooves, MIDI drum loop packages for an instant WOW? All of our midi drum loops have been produced by world-class drummer-producers providing realistic dynamics, articulation, and feel. They are tailored to work specifically with Handy Drums plugins.


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Handy Drums Mallets do not require a complicated instruction manual to use. Over 50 samplers and smart algorithms work in the background to power a seamless experience behind the simple user interface.

Access all of the essential functions intuitively.


Each drum and cymbal was sampled at multiple dynamic levels to ensure the instrument’s fullest dynamic range when played back. Handy Drums Mallets were recorded at up to 10 dynamic levels.


Up to 10 samples per dynamic level

Our ear instantly knows when a computer plays the same sample repeatedly (such as a drum roll). This is because when a real human hits a drum, each stroke that follows is always slightly different from the previous one, regardless of how great a drummer they are.

Each Handy Drum Mallets drum and cymbal has been sampled numerous times at every dynamic level. During playback, a different sample is triggered each time, ensuring that no sample is repeated sequentially.


All Handy Drums samples were recorded in 24bit wav format for the finest resolution and sound quality.

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To achieve larger-than-life yet completely natural-sounding drums, every step of the sampling process is just as important. Starting with choosing the right drum for the job, tuning them, placing them and the microphones in the right place, every aspect of the process was carefully thought out before even a single note was played.

The instrument and room are then captured using the highest-quality mics, preamps, and converters to preserve every fine detail.

Earthworks microphone recording overhead O/H drums Handy Drums- MALLETS pluginsmasters



Sound so natural; you can almost touch them.

Handy Drums sound like an actual drumset being played right in front of you in a room instead of a bunch of individual drums sounding in their own separate spaces.

We achieved this realism by recording the full breadth of acoustic drums and their natural ambiance, then meticulously editing and mixing them in post-production.


system requirement

Type: Virtual Instruments

Size: 620MB


Goran Rista


Format: VST/AU/AAX/Standalone



 (Win 7+)   (MacOS 10.11+, dual binary)