Inspirata Post Pro Roompack 1


What is the Roompack Extension?

INSPIRATA is a measurement-based reverberation workstation plugin shipping with an initial collection of original spaces. INSPIRATA Roompack Extension expands INSPIRATA and grants you access to the full library of available spaces at any time. The Roompack Extension is offered in a yearly subscription and works with all INSPIRATA editions, including Lite.

What is included?

INSPIRATA Roompack Expension contains spaces from the following categories

Recording Studio Spaces

All kinds of spaces specially designed and used for recording and producing music. Large-sized live rooms, scoring stages, small and dry vocal or drum rooms, control and mixing rooms and so on.


The Roompack Extension introduces the interior spaces of different vehicles to the room library of INSPIRATA for post-production purposes. Recreate the authentic acoustic timbre of an airplane cabin, cargo space and cockpit.

Post-production spaces

The Roompack Extension contains several typical post-production venues like spaces of a baroque palace, prestigious rooms of a Parliament building, rooms of a University building and so on.

Domestic spaces

There are never enough Domestic spaces when doing dialogue matching or giving a bedroom-producer vibe to your music. The Roompack Extension pack broadens the selection in this category as well.

How to get access?

You can access the spaces of INSPIRATA Roompack Extension by purchasing annual licenses. During your time of subscription you will get access to the full library of existing and newly released spaces.


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Inspirata Post Pro Roompack 1 comes in AAX, VST3 and AU plugin formats supporting all major DAWs.