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THE FIRST CHOICE FOR PRODUCERS, AUDIO ENGINEERS AND SOUND DESIGNERS WORLDWIDE SOUND FORGE Pro has set the audio editing standard for artists, producers, and sound and mastering engineers in the audio editing sector for over three decades. With precise tools, innovative editing functions, and high-end plug-ins, you can create masters for podcasts, broadcast, physical media, or streaming in accordance with international standards.

Recording-Magix SOUND FORGE Pro 17-pluginsmasters

Recording Multichannel audio recording at the highest level of quality With SOUND FORGE Pro, record audio on up to 32 channels in resolution up to 64-bit/768 kHz. The 64-bit audio engine allows for the ultimate stability and lowest latency. Create ultra-clear recordings in astonishing sound quality.


Audio Editing--Magix SOUND FORGE Pro 17-pluginsmasters

Learn more Audio Editing Maximum efficiency and precision SOUND FORGE Pro is one of the most powerful audio editors. Cut, edit, and enhance audio files with the highest precision and at the sample level.The numerous professional editing tools allow you to shape every sound individually.


Mastering--Magix SOUND FORGE Pro 17-pluginsmasters

Learn more Mastering Professional-sounding results SOUND FORGE Pro provides advanced tools and a range of intelligent high-end effects based on DSP algorithms. Optimize loudness of your recordings effortlessly and without loss of quality.

Top new features in SOUND FORGE Pro 17


Use External hardware effects like a plug-in-Magix SOUND FORGE Pro 17-pluginsmasters

External FX Use External hardware effects like a plug-in Use the best digital and analog hardware effects to enhance your audio production. Enjoy seamless integration of your favorite hardware effects with minimal setup effort.

Enhanced support and stability for VST plug-ins--Magix SOUND FORGE Pro 17-pluginsmasters

VST Enhancements Enhanced support and stability for VST plug-ins Take advantage of expanded support for VST plug-ins. This update adds performance, compatibility, and stability to your music production. Use more of your favorite VST extensions without sacrificing performance for an even better and faster workflow.

Make basic operations easy and automable--Magix SOUND FORGE Pro 17-pluginsmasters

coreFX Utility Make basic operations easy and automable Optimize your editing process with our clear and modern plug-in that enables essential editing tasks with the possibility to automate parameters. Benefit from the extensive collection of important, high-quality tools for professional editing.

Highlights in SOUND FORGE Pro NEW!

  • External FX NEW!
  • VST Enhancements NEW!
  • coreFX Utility NEW!
  • Mastering and restoration with iZotope plug-ins: Ozone 10 Elements & RX 10 Elements
  • 32-channel audio recording, editing, and processing
  • VST Engine & ARA2 support
  • Record at up to 64-bit/768 kHz
  • Numerous audio effects and plug-ins for sound design, mixing & mastering
  • zplane élastiquePro v3 Timestretch

Highlights in SOUND FORGE Pro Suite

SOUND FORGE Pro Suite sets new standards in the field of audio with its range of advanced plug-ins, such as the innovative Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 9, and Celemony Melodyne 5.3 essential.

  • NEW! External FX
  • NEW! VST Enhancements
  • NEW! coreFX Utility
  • NEW! Optimized Onboarding Exclusively includes:
  • dynamicEQ now featuring oversampling
  • wizardFX Modern Reverb
  • Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 9
  • Celemony Melodyne 5.3 essential
  • essentialFX Suite (11 high-quality effect plug-ins)
  • Analogue Modelling Suite (4 mastering plug-ins)
  • Vintage Effects Suite (3 vintage effects)
  • VariVerb II (versatile reverb plug-in)
  • Vandal (virtual guitar & bass amp)


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System Requirements for Magix SOUND FORGE Pro 17

  • Windows 10 and above (32 and 64-bit)
  • 1GHz Intel / AMD CPU or better
  • 512MB RAM or more
  • 500MB free storage space