Martinic AX73 Diaphanous Collection

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Over 100 presets for the Martinic AX73 synth plugin

Unlock a world of sonic possibilities with over 100 meticulously crafted Synth Presets by the renowned designer Daniel Stawczyk of Status. These presets have been specifically designed for the Martinic AX73 Synthesizer plugin and offer an extensive range of unique sonic landscapes that will elevate your music productions to a new level. From warm analog pads to pulsating leads and mesmerizing effects, these presets allow you to unleash your creative ideas without limits.

Daniel Stawczyk, known for his exceptional talent in sound design, has created each of these presets with great care and precision. His years of experience and deep understanding of sound synthesis are evident in each individual preset, and they have been crafted to seamlessly fit into various music genres.

Requires a full version of the Martinic AX73.


System Requirements of Martinic AX73 Diaphanous Collection


  • macOS 10.9 or higher


  • Windows 7 or higher
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