Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper


One Note, Endless Grooves

Groove Shaper : Your one-of-a-kind creative sequencer for instant, inspired rhythms! Effortlessly craft Hi-Hats, Basslines, Short String Motifs and more with just a single note. Break free from creative blocks and super-charge your music production today.

Rhythm through Shapes

Enjoy a fun new approach to music creation! Use shapes to effortlessly generate groovy rhythms, allowing your creativity to flow freely like never before.

Intelligent Magic Dice

Generate captivating hi-hats, groovy bass-lines, harmonious chords, and enchanting ostinato strings effortlessly. Let the dice roll and spark instant inspiration!

Re-invent your Synths

Use our state-of-the-art sampler engine or host your favourite synths/samplers with Groove Shaper! Unlock fresh ways to use your existing plugins by giving them a magical musical upgrade.


System Requirements of Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper

Groove Shaper is a hosting-enabled MIDI FX plugin.
Easily host your favorite Synths/Samplers and use them in unique ways!
DAW Compatibility
Ableton Live 9 and above, Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro X – AU (Instrument & MidI FX), Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper
AU (Mac Only), VST, VST3
Intel, AMD, M1
Operating System
OS X 10.12 & above (New MacOS Ventura compatible), Windows 10 (64 bit)