Rigid Audio Ultron


Ultron is a wavetable based 8-step rhythm sequencer for Kontakt 6.7.1 (full retail version).

It features a dual-preset layout with 2x 16 presets that can be blended and morphed in realtime.

Each step features knobs for velocity, noise amount, wavetable offset and semi-tuning. You also have two dedicated modulation tables for the included pitch modulation envelope.

Furthermore, it comes with various sound tweaking possibilities such as four different wavetable shape modes, including pulsewidth modulation and lofi (bitcrushing). On top of that you have control over a multimode-filter with drive, a LFO for pitch as well as volume envelope manipulation.

Ultron does also come with a dedicated effects page that includes a XY touch pad with parameter morphing.

Effects include a production-quality reverb unit, the famous replika delay and a unique “flair” effect, that adds tuned delays to the signal path.

While Ultron was being designed for live performance it will also be a great addition to any production studio environment seeking for “earth-shattering” basslines and electronic sounding grooves.

It is completely remotely controllable (full host automation as well as MIDI continous controller automation).

Last but not least you can import your own wavetable (WAV) files via drag and drop to change the source sound completely.



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