SONORIS Sonoris Multiband Compressor


The Sonoris Multiband Compressor

The Sonoris Multiband Compressor is a versatile three band compressor in VST, VST3, AU and AAX format for Windows and Mac. It is an ultra clean processor, suitable for delicate material.

Three independent frequency bands

The Sonoris Multiband Compressor has three independent frequency bands, each followed by a compressor based on the Sonoris Mastering Compressor. The three bands are created with carefully designed Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters to avoid phase cancellation problems while having a very natural, analog like quality. By design they mix back flat and are efficient in use. The crossover filter can also work in linear phase mode. In this mode there is no coloration and the wave shape is preserved as much as possible at the expense of a small delay.

Focuses on where it is needed

Besides working on a full mix, each filter band can also work on the Left, Right, Mid or Side channels or anything in between, with the variable link. This feature turns the SMBC into a powerful problem solver enabling you to exclusively attack a specific problem in a mix. For example, taming the bass in the Mid channel or a snare hit in the Left channel at 3KHz while keeping the integrity of the mix intact.

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