Attractor is a comprehensive Kontakt library for the composers and producers of soundtracks, cinematic and trailer music. It is a wonderful inspiration and production tool. This sound pack includes all-new sound effects in multiple categories, such as hits, whooshes, drops, bends, alarms, tonal elements, pulses and much more.

Attractor library contains not only Kontakt instruments, but also uncompressed WAV samples to provide the best usability, whether you prefer to drag-and-drop sounds to your DAW or use Kontakt.


The last Haven Attractor pluginsmasters

On the keyboard in Attractor every blue key has a different sample on it. The last played key is colored in red. The green range marks the keys for pitching samples, and the default pitch key is C0, colored in violet.


The last Haven Attractor pluginsmasters
At the top of the interface there is an internal mini-browser. To select a sound bank click on the button with its title. To see more banks included in the patch use the buttons with left and right arrows.


The last Haven Attractor pluginsmasters
The middle section contains the main controllers and functions of sound adjustment. Attack and Release knobs manage the respective parameters of amplitude envelope. Velocity influence on volume is controlled with Velocity knob. Gate and Rate knobs adjust the settings of rhythmic sound interruption.

In Attractor you can instantly adapt samples to your host tempo. Enable TMPro mode and use Speed knob to do it. Also Attractor interface allows you to get all samples reversed and map the last played sample across 5 octaves with Wide Range function.

The last Haven Attractor pluginsmasters
The last Haven Attractor pluginsmasters

The effects section in Attractor has 6 slots. All effects are interchangeable, so you can build your own effect chain. To see the parameters of effect, click its title. To change the effect in the current slot, click its title again.

The last Haven Attractor pluginsmasters

The waveform display contains a visual offset controller. Drag it across the waveform picture to set the needed sample start point.

Attractor contains:

  • 5 nkis (Effects, Drums, Melodic Elements, Pulses [stretched], Pulses [sliced])
  • 1928 Samples (WAV format)
  • Advanced Engine



System Requirements for THE LAST HAVEN  Attractor from Loot Audio

Kontakt Version Required:
5.8 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)
Product Version: 1

Kontakt pluginsmasters
Kontakt pluginsmasters


Please note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required. Not compatible with Kontakt Player.