Viola Da Gamba – Ben Osterhouse

Creatively Sampled Six-Stringed Baroque Instrument.

Product Overview

The Viola da Gamba is a six-stringed baroque instrument. It’s similar in size to the cello, but has slightly different shape, uses frets, and is tuned in 4ths.
It is strung with synthetic gut strings, which to give it a strident, husky sound.

The Gamba’s earthy tones can provide a rustic alternative to the classical string sound.
This is one of only a handful of other baroque virtual instruments recorded.


  • The Viola da Gamba is split into 2 nki’s.
  • The first one is a collection of 12 articulations which features a variety of different length strokes, along with pizzicato, trills, ponticello, and tremolo.
  • All of the different articulations can be easily layered together within a single interface.
  • The second nki is a collection of small rhythmic figures which have been designed to fit together to create natural sounding ostinato patterns.
  • Each of the rhythmic figures can be accessed either by using keyswitches, or using unique interface which allows you to visually arrange the figures into a sequence.
  • Each rhythmic figure is recorded as a 4-bar loop, and musical emphasis is given to down beats and upbeats.
  • This gives a natural ebb and flow to any ostinato pattern created with the Gamba.
  • It’s a three octave range from C36 (2 octaves below middle C) up to C72 (an octave above middle C).



Kontakt Version Required:
5.8.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)


Kontakt Version Required:
5.8.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)