Wusik XV


We have 6 reverb units: PRE is the first one to be processed, and the output will be used to process A, B, C and D. POST, when selected, will process the MIX of A, B, C and D. So the chain looks like this: PRE -> (A+B+C+D) -> POST.

In the Main section, you have the audio input volume, mix (dry/wet) and HighPass and LowPass filters.

V1.0.6 has added Multi-CPU support, custom impulse files loading (with a great library of impulse files included) and better optimization.

Each reverb unit has the following parameters:

  • Reverb convolution type with a next/previous set of buttons above it;
  • Solo reverb;
  • Reverse reverb;
  • Input (at the mid position you get the original volume, anything higher than that will boost up to 2x the audio input);
  • Stereo Pan;
  • High Pass and Low Pass Filters;
  • Pre-delay (up to 2 seconds);
  • Len (full left is original length, and moving towards right you can change the convolution audio and stretch up to 6x);
  • Crop (removes a portion of the convolution audio, starting from the end);
  • Decay (from full right to middle you get an envelope from the end (zero) to start (full audio – towards left will make an envelope from start to end instead).


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Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.